Bar 44 brand identity

Bar 44 Tapas

Esta es nuestra España

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Bar 44 Tapas

Esta es nuestra España


Founded by brothers Tom and Owen Morgan over a decade ago, the Bar 44 group of tapas bars champion exquisite, modern Spanish food and drink. Since opening their first location in the popular market town of Cowbridge, their steady growth and burgeoning reputation has since seen them open three further locations; in the seaside town of Penarth, Cardiff’s city centre and Clifton Village in Bristol.

Their excellent repute is built upon a simple premise common through each location; a passion for the very best flavours presented with the highest quality hospitality.

To coincide with the opening of the newest venue, Bar 44 briefed Limegreentangerine with refreshing their identity and refocusing their positioning. This would aid the brand’s growth into the next exciting chapter and ensure it confidently stood shoulder to shoulder with the capital’s plethora of national chain brands whilst retaining its independent charm.

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Framing the soul

 This is our Spain—Esta es nuestra España. The Bar 44 brand soul is rooted in our own framing of modern Spain. Presenting only the most imaginative and vibrant flavour combinations—crafted from seasonal and unique ingredients imported directly from regional producers, farmers and markets… our dishes are a narrative of our travels. A taste of the extraordinary—this is our passion, this is our Spain.’’

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Olé, Olé, Olé

The design ethos is uncluttered, stripped back and honest; from the new logo through to the presentation of the menu and all other touchpoints. Leveraging graphic assets including traditional ceramic tiled patterns balance with simple but styled typography. Headlines are set in the characterful Lewis; body copy is set in Soleil by Wolfgang Homola and Storm Foundry’s wonderful AbaldA provides a distinct Castillian tone – honouring authentic, found styles painted onto ceramics and signs in homes and buildings in rustic España. Lastly, illustrations and murals by Spanish artist Andi Rivas crown a unique charm.

Bar 44 typography
Bar 44 typography design
Bar 44 pattern design
Bar 44 had been founded almost 13 years previously and had a very recognisable identity which we were hesitant to change. However, we felt that it was now necessary to upgrade our brand to reflect our business trajectory, so we met with their design team. 

For many years, we have tried to explain to many brand/design experts what the core principles of our business were – to no avail – and so were a little sceptical that LGT would ‘get’ us. It is no exaggeration to say that we were completely stunned by their proposal. For the first time, our vision and values had been brought together in a simple, stunning representation. The collateral has rolled out seamlessly – we will be working very closely with the team at LGT for a long time to come. Owen Morgan, Director
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We were very confident in our product and where we wanted to go, but over time realised that we needed to make our vision come through in how we presented ourselves to our customers. Our product was excellent, but everything around it lacked coherence. LGT got it in one. Needless to say the results have been superb, their vision has helped take us to another level and we haven’t looked back.

As people with strong ideas and opinions you do tend to hold on to that control, but we quickly learnt we were in excellent hands. Importantly, their team have been excellent at listening to our ideas, it is very much a two way street, an open and developing relationship. Tom Morgan, Director
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