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Serious technical mountain clothing with a compelling brand narrative

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Serious technical mountain clothing with a compelling brand narrative


The brainchild of two former Royal Marines, Jöttnar make serious technical clothing for mountaineering, winter climbing and all-mountain skiing. They tasked us with creating a brand with a compelling narrative.

They sought to create a serious kit, constructed to shield against the most brutal, extreme environments. Each piece designed to capture the purity and elegance of the Scandinavian landscape where they had spent so much service time. Ultimately, the goal was to create a more considered product that out-performs any other mountaineering clothing product.

Jottnar branding design Cardiff


With many of their competitors, the lines between some serious gear and a lifestyle brand were blurred, which according to research, irks much of the hardcore mountain community. Jöttnar dub their vision as ‘‘total mountain focus’’, a purist position that gives the casual North Face-clad dog walking market a wide berth.

The brief then was clear; design, develop and implement a challenger brand with a compelling narrative that brought to market a supremely designed and engineered range of premium mountain wear. A brand which is capable of competing in a niche and crowded marketplace.

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Jottnar brand design

Conquer Giants

The name – Jöttnar – derives from old Norse folklore. The myth recalls fearsome, savage man-eating Frost Giants. Man’s protection from these brutal creatures was the immortal ‘giant slayer’, Thor. His hammer, the Mjölnir (meaning crusher), was said to be so powerful it was capable of levelling mountains.

The Jöttnar brand story is a modern retelling of this legend; the Frost Giants now the imposing mountain; the products the battle-hardy armoury.

The identity depicts the Mjölnir – a symbol of power and protection. The strapline – Conquer Giants – a drum-bashing call to arms inviting the bearer to carve their own legend and to ‘be the myth’. In time, the Jöttnar Mjölnir will become recognised as an enduring emblem of protection and the highest quality amongst the mountain fraternity.

The outdoor clothing market is a congested space, so it was essential to build a distinctive voice and visual identity. The product naming convention extends the retelling of the legend. Fjorm, Vanir, Alfar and Bergelmir are derived from mythical tales in the chronicles.

Jottnar product design
Jottnar product design Cardiff
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Rescue team wearing Jottnar Jottnar embroidery Jottnar-ski-3a.jpg polartec.jpg Jottnar ski wear Jottnar mountain wear Jottnar women's ski wear downtek.jpg

Rapid ascent

Since launching in 2012, Jöttnar has shown aggressive growth year on year as reputation grows and word spreads. With each new year, consistent editor’s picks and five-star reviews lead to product lines selling out and shipped to customers all around the world.

They have won numerous high-profile accolades for their products and have set up exclusive retail partnerships with a growing number of UK, European and North American specialist outlets. They’ve equipped mountain rescue teams and the military. They have even been chosen as the clothing provider for an attempt on Shackleton’s 1914 uncompleted Antarctic crossing. Their reputation is going from strength to strength at a vigorous pace.

Of the plethora of early product reviews, one commented: ‘‘The tagline that Jöttnar use is ‘conquer giants’. The branding is great, tying in Norse mythology with the urge we have to climb large frozen lumps of rock. Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is the symbol on the zip pull. If you do travel to the realm of the frost giants in the Alfar, you’ll be well protected. Jöttnar may also be sending a message to the larger manufacturers of technical outdoor kit, there are some giants there that could see their market share shift over to these guys if Jöttnar continue to produce kit of this standard.’’

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We’ve been delighted by the can-do approach of the whole team who have always delivered, despite tight timelines and budgetary constraints. The design and creative work hasn’t failed to exceed expectations. The trusted relationship that we’ve built with LGT is of immense value to us and has been a key enabler in helping distinguish us from our competition. They're great people – bright, funny and very talented – and always a pleasure to work with. Tommy Kelly, Jöttnar co-founder
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Due to it serving as our primary shop front, it was essential that the aesthetic and functionality of our website reflected our product. Customer feedback has been unanimously favourable and the streamlined, clutter-free design has been routinely praised. Steve Howarth, Jöttnar Co-Founder
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