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My Travel Pass brand identity


Concessionery travel card for 16-18 year olds

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Concessionery travel card for 16-18 year olds


MyTravelPass is a pilot concessionary travel scheme for 16–18-year-olds launched by the Welsh Government in 2015, running to early 2017. Designed to give a helping hand to young commuters travelling to and from places of work or study, the scheme entitles the holder to up to a third off their bus fare and, in some instances, rail journeys.

Welsh Government commissioned Limegreentangerine to create and help deliver a unique brand identity and marketing campaign aimed at a traditionally hard-to-reach age demographic. 

My Travel Pass advertising
logo scamps and development
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How we helped

The identity was constructed of crossed chevrons, casting a narrative of journeys back and forth. The heart implies an affectionate relationship between user and pass, for the freedom and opportunities (and discount) it affords. It amplifies the idea of ‘my’, being something held dear.

The simplicity of the heart shape enables it to swiftly become a strong and recognisable symbol on the daily commute. Flexible use of colour, pattern fill or texture provide exuberant vitality; a canvas for infinite and individual variation. A theme which is carried through the branding.

my travel pass brand
my travel pass branding
my travel pass branding identity

Going places

This demographic can be difficult to woo, so we commissioned aspirational photography of cool, like-minded, local students sporting various My Travel Pass branded apparel. The chemistry in the studio between the Cardiff High School students was brilliant, bringing a suite of fun, engaging and authentic ambassadors to the campaign. The ads pair the students with the strapline ‘I’m going places’; a concise and positive slogan that taps into the roots of a scheme supporting young people in study or work.

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my travel pass brand
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My Travel Pass advertising campaign
My Travel Pass website

Online portal

Developing the website alongside the visual identity meant that each informed the other throughout the process. Bold block colours and shapes that express motion and energy in the printed materials, transform to the responsive website where elements playfully glide and transition onto the page. A simple application process enables users to upload their photo ID via their mobile phones’ built-in camera – purpose built for a mobile-obsessed generation.

My Travel Pass cards

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to the pilot scheme…

Limegreen delivered a beautiful, engaging brand system and website for the scheme which appealed directly to our target market through use of bold, vivid colour and imagery appropriate to our audience that has been met with a superb response. Their team developed striking artwork our demographic really responded to, and made it easy to understand and not too busy.

The results speak for themselves; we have both a memorable brand and campaign and an excellent, user-friendly website all rolled out against a challenging backdrop of changing objectives and tight timescales. A great job well done. Jo Foxall, Campaign Manager
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