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Jöttnar talk to The Outdoor Times

This week, Jöttnar co-founder Tommy Kelly spoke exclusively and in-depth with online magazine The Outdoor Times. They spoke about the long build up to launch, the small teaser photos they leaked, the design, the premium price point and that name. Here’s an extract...

Tommy and Steve from Jottnar

OT: Ah yes, the name… I read that the name “Jöttnar” is taken from a climbing route. Is that correct?

TK: Not exactly. Actually the route was [first climbed] by Mark Thomas, who’s one of our pro team climbers, and very kindly he named the route after the company. It was this grade VIII horror show on the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix that he and Dave Hammond climbed. The name comes from Norse legend. The Jöttnar were giants; among them was a race of mountain giants, living up there in the ice and snow. Mankind were protected from them by Thor – the logo is our representation of Thor’s hammer. Taken together with the name it's about the myth, and also a nod to the place where Steve and I spent so much time and had the idea. We found it a really inspiring place, there’s a real brutality to the landscape. In the middle of a storm the Hardangervidda can be a hideous place to be at the wrong time with the wrong kit. But at the same time it’s such an elegant, beautiful landscape.

The full interview is a great insight into the guys’ journey, the painstaking attention to high-performance design and the trajectory the company are set on. Read more about the story behind the branding.