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Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience at Budget Vets

Now into the fifth series of the BBC show, Rhod Gilbert took his Work Experience film crew to the Newport branch of Budget Vets this week.

Rhod Gilbert at Budget Vets, Newport

As part of a day in the life of a ‘Budget Vet’ Rhod was tasked with a number of jobs including tending to an abandoned dog (pictured above), castrating a cat (with help, presumably) and saving some ducklings.

Gilbert called the day one of the most “emotionally challenging” tasks he has been given during four seasons of filming. “Everywhere you go it is a challenge to break the ice with the staff because inevitably you feel in the way sometimes, especially when you’ve got a dying animal on your hands. But it’s been good – really tough.”

The new season is airs on BBC One in the Autumn.