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Work Experience 2015

After a successful programme last year, this summer we’re flinging open our doors again to some lucky, plucky graduates to come in for work experience at Limegreen Studios, and applications are now open.

Inside the studio

So here’s what’s on the table… a week placement during the summer for recent graduates. You’ll join us in the studio and work alongside our print and brand team to gain a real insight into what it is to be a designer at Limegreentangerine. You'll get a Mac, a desk, a brief and a chance to impress whilst tapping into our collective experience.

We’re a small team working closely alongside each other so you'll be right on the pulse of a busy, sometimes hectic studio. It’s an opportunity to get a real taste of professional** life and (hopefully) a great piece of work in your portfolio to take away. You’ll also get tea, because we’re nice like that***.

We’re particularly keen to unearth the brightest print and branding talent out there and developing it. Importantly we want people who are driven, passionate, eager, engaged and have a motivated attitude with a real thirst to grab a golden opportunity. A sunny outlook wouldn’t go amiss either. It’s important you realise you’ll get out what you put in, so being a hard worker will stand you in good stead. But most of all we want talent and of course it’s a given that you'll be well-versed in all things InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop (but you knew that, right?) Interested? Terrific, now show us what you’re made of.

To apply, we want you to tell us – in your most creative way – why you’d like to spend a week with us. Maybe a simple, nicely worded letter, a piece of type, a poster, illustration or a full on mini-creative project that encapsulates why you'll get more out of a week here than anyone else. You choose how, it’s your gig. But remember – creativity is intelligence having fun and that’s what we want to see. We’re not expecting polished, accomplished artwork but we would like to see original thinking and a clear idea well communicated.

So, still on board? Smashing! Send your submission, portfolio, CV and a little about yourself to alex@limegreentangerine.co.uk when you’re ready. Deadline for your entry is noon Monday 20th July, placements will be through the summer – nice and leisurely. We’ll shortlist the best entries and invite folks in for an informal chat before selecting those we think would get the most from the week. You’ll need to be available to come in from 9.00am–5.30pm for a week (dates through the summer, to be agreed).

*octane variable **we use the term loosely ***and you'll probably appreciate the caffeine

UPDATE. Thanks to folk who've applied. We'll be back in touch over the next week or two.