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What we do

Our service is broad but one thing remains common – growing your brand wherever it appears. It isn’t simply black and white... it’s Limegreentangerine.



Logo / mark

Your logo is the face of your business, and no one wants an ugly face. A great logo can truly be timeless. It can encapsulate your persona and provide the pivot of your brand. The logos that come out of our studio are carefully reasoned. They are not just made, they are crafted, with the ultimate aim of being memorable, long-lasting and intelligent.

Name generation

What’s in a name? Well, lots actually. Choosing the right name can make a huge difference to the commercial success of a brand. So if you want to become a household name, you’ll need something that packs a punch right from the off. Our process involves in-depth research, analysis and testing to make sure that you bound leagues above your competitors.

Trademark registration

Your brand should be a huge asset to your business, and trademarking protects it from imitators. By protecting it, you can sell it, franchise, licence it and ensure no one nicks it. We’ve trademarked our creations both nationally and internationally, giving our clients total protection and peace of mind.

Graphic language

Your graphic language is how your business visually communicates to the world, encompassing an expansive series of customer touch points; a sum of many moving parts where the devil is found in the implementation. Some of the most valuable work continues after the logo is delivered, because brands with personality are alive and continually evolving.

Brand strategy & planning

Design is as much about effectiveness as it is aesthetics. We research, analyse and plan to establish authentic points of difference – defining an interwoven series of semantic characteristics. These can persuade, evoke emotion, tell a story, enable dialogue and solve a problem. If the strategy is solid and the semantics are right, the sky’s the limit.

Brand guidelines

With a comprehensive set of guidelines you can show others how to use your brand to its full potential and, more importantly, consistently – wherever it may appear. We’ll provide instructions to cover the tiniest detail, from the style and treatment of imagery, to the right font and document layouts. No stone is left unturned.



Brand management

You have a great brand, a killer logo and your tone of voice is on point. What next? Brand management is our forte. Original ideas and connected thinking will keep your brand fresh, maintain its integrity and supporting you to get the maximum bang for your buck.


Whether it’s an annual report, a corporate brochure, a direct mail piece or a set of stationery – we ensure your literature is attention grabbing, considered and on brand. We also manage print production from start to finish, so our team of trusted printers will ensure the final outcome exceeds all expectations.


You may offer the best product or service on the market, but failing to advertise in an innovative and memorable way could be money down the drain. We help you define your angle, create an interest and implement the concept across traditional outdoor advertising, print, livery or online.


Your shelf presence needs to be vibrant, innovative and visually impactful to engage consumers and gain their confidence. We have a proven track record for producing packaging for newly created brands, and have experience of designing packaging using licensed assets from global brands such as Angry Birds, Thunderbirds and Gruffalo.

Display, signage & wayfinding

There are three things your customers need to know – who you are, what you do and where to find you. We create signage and wayfinding systems that impress, inform and educate. This way please…



Wireframing & prototyping

The most important aspect of developing a website is determining what you want to say and how you present that information. We produce wireframes and interactive prototyping that enables you to interact and experience the structure, content and usability of the website. This enhances focus, judgement, and speeds up the decision process allowing changes to be made easily and inexpensively.

Web design

Whether it’s a responsive website, extranet or web app, a successful user experience relies on a combination of intuitive navigation, intelligent features and impressive graphics. Providing the website works across multiple devices and has been thoroughly considered with informative content, users will welcome the experience. They’ll enjoy your brand, engage with you, share with others and return time after time.

Bespoke development

When off the shelf systems just won’t do, we create bespoke systems to suit. Our development skills stretch from creating additional modules for open source content management systems and e-commerce packages, to web based apps for tablets and smartphones.

Content Management Systems

A good CMS can allow your team to update and grow your website inline with your evolving business. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a system that is easy to use and quick to update. Otherwise, your team will not embrace it and your site will stagnate. We have an extensive knowledge of open source CMS and can suggest the most suitable solution. We’ll then create a website that looks and performs to the highest standards which you can continue to grow.


An online store is your shop window to the world, and having both an impressive display and a great location on the digital high street is essential. Having worked in eCommerce for several years, we've gained the knowledge that allows us to integrate payment systems, deal with merchant bank accounts and develop online stores that engage customers and convert visits into sales. We also understand what’s required to get your online store seen – after all, who wants a shop without customers?

Workshops, training & aftercare

Knowledge is power, so we provide training and support to help you get the most from your new website. We offer one to one phone support, team web training workshops and aftercare support contracts to help keep the wheels in motion. Our team are also always on hand to offer friendly advice and guidance, whether on a choice of CMS system or email marketing.


We are not an SEO agency. We are a branding and design agency that does SEO well, giving your website great traffic and you great results online. From meta-data and page speed, to keyword integration and optimised content, we have a clear process that works, completely tailored to you.