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Spread your wings and fly

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Spread your wings and fly


Originally established in 2001, Actorsworkshop run acting and performance workshops, offering a broad range of theatrical, personal and professional development experiences. They run creative, focused, and regular workshop sessions, as well as tailor-made, one to one, drama coaching and bespoke training schemes for individuals, kids and groups from their home in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

In the Autumn of 2011, they approached us to wipe their visual slate and introduce a comprehensive overhaul of their brand and graphic identity. The brief asked for the new identity to speak non-prescriptively, flexibly but above all cohesively through all their sub-brands and touchpoints.

Actorworkshop logo design
Actorworkshop mark design

Giving AWS wings

The identity is born from a simple butterfly shape, mirroring a workshop W, and providing a great analogy with the workshop journey. Taking Actorsworkshop’s three-point remit (theatre, presentation & personal development), the Mark shows the convergence where these and the participant meet.

The type is set in Futura, chosen for its clinical lines, assertive angles and positive, open bowls which compliment the geometry of the Mark.

By further dismantling components of the butterfly and cropping into it in various ways creating unexpected and explosive outcomes. This provides a sense of movement and personal interpretation throughout the brand.

Actorsworkshop branded stationary cardiff
Actorsworkshop web design cardiff
Actorsworkshop tshirt design

increase in course subscriptions

Following the rebrand courses saw a hefty uplift in subscriptions

Actorsworkshop brand guidelines
The core purpose of the rebrand was always to increase our profile, so in terms of engagement and awareness, our members have raved about the new brand and website. We now have more information requests from the website (which is seeing over 55% increase new visitors month-on-month), more phone calls and, most importantly, bookings are already 50%+ subscribed across all our Autumn/Winter workshops. This is a great indication that the brand and quality of the message are having the desired affect. We are very pleased. Jamie Lee, Executive Director