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Anstee brand identity

Anstee Siluria

It’s about time…

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Anstee Siluria

It’s about time…


Launched at the tail-end of 2015, Anstee Siluria is the first production from the family-owned Anstee Brewery; itself born of the culmination of 25 years of brewing heritage and unwavering commitment to quality.

They needed a strategy that quenched the sweet spot between premium, sessional and the fashionably artisanal craft beer. Limegreentangerine were asked to produce an identity for the brewery as well as a naming convention for their debut lines of beer, the first instance being their flagship production; a light, golden pilsner.

Anstee production

What we brewed

After an extensive naming exploration, Siluria was chosen. So named after the pre-Roman region and tribe of South-East Wales that now contains Glamorgan, the county in which the brewery is nestled. The brand echoes the theme of time and its passing. From the changing of the Welsh landscape over the millennia, the painstaking methodology of the brewer’s artistry and the refinement of their recipe over a two year journey, to those who recognise that it is fleetingly precious and how we spend it holds value within; time to make, to enjoy, to savour – time is most definitely golden. This convention will inform the naming of sister products as they are released.

Anstee Mark design
Anstee logo design
siluria coaster design

We shot the serif

We commissioned the Australian typographer Gemma O’Brien, chosen for the wonderful freedom in her work, to fashion the free-flowing Siluria lettering. This was married with a more regal identity created by Limegreentangerine for the eponymous brewery. The A mark embosses a weighty approval to the contents of each glass bringing rich pedigree, paired with ANSTEE typeset in an adapted version of Noe Display by the German type foundry Schick Toikka.

Anstee Siluria branding identity
Anstee type
Anstee advert design
Anstee beer mat design

“It’s, ummm…’’

Each unique tap is hand-made, individual and intricately designed by local jewellery maker, goldsmith and theatre designer Suzi Dorey. Theatrical, eccentric, detailed and decidedly ostentatious in design, the tap brings a distinct ‘what the ****?’ factor to a bar counter sat beside repetitious big name brands.

So far, bar-goers have praised the Anstee Siluria tap as being ‘‘ridiculously over-elaborate’’, ‘‘fantastical’’, ‘‘fancy’’ and having ‘‘strong game’’. People also seem to quite like the beer…

tap construction part one
tap construction part two
tap construction part three
Anstee branding concept
Anstee advert design
Limegreentangerine had come with a strong endorsement by one of our clients who had worked with them in the past. We were nervous about being out of our comfort zone, however, LGT’s experience and approach instantly allayed any fears as they listened and held our hands through unchartered territory. They were patiently able to bring together what was a considerable breadth of unrefined ideas with a clarity, quality and ambition that matched our vision. A vision that was in our heads but that could only be extracted, translated, honed and realised through LGT’s undoubted and unique creativity. An amazing journey bearing magnificent results. Richard Anstee, Managing Director