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Bamboo Dental

Things that make you go cheeeeese

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Bamboo Dental

Things that make you go cheeeeese


What do you typically think of when you think of a dentist? 
Boxster-driving middle-aged men cruising towards retirement? All the same?
 Magnolia walls and sterile-smelling waiting rooms? Maybe just expense!? 
With already-busy patient lists and a purist attitude, there seems little appetite 
to change in the sector. That leads to a market gap. Bamboo is the outsider.

In redefining expectations, by tapping into a youthful ‘cosmetic spirit’ and by flipping industry norms, brands can take ownership of a space. Investment in a bold, targeted brand can underline this. To some the dentist is scary, folks want understanding and reassurance, barriers need to be removed. A perfect smile has the power to lift self-worth and increase swagger tenfold; a smile can, palpably, change lives, and to many the expenditure is a big decision.


Rinse and repeat…

Patients think all dental practices are fundamentally the same. Dentists themselves, I’m sure, feel they each have their own point of difference, yet look at the examples—where is it? All of these (and countless others) are either lazily marketed (in which case what does that tell me as a patient?) or simply fall in line with the stock formula. They appear, think and behave the same. To all intents and purposes, patients are right, they are the same.


That’s a bit fresh…

Multi-award winning Bamboo, led by Dr Dan Rogers, buck the trend. Whilst serious business, the brand’s playfulness engages and helps remove any stigma; framing a cosmetic procedure as simple as getting a haircut or a visit to Specsavers; de-clinicalising and making the choice to improve your smile a no-brainer.

Offering a fresh perspective on a flavourless industry, Bamboo’s brand is about attitude; grabbing life by the short and curlies and owning it. It’s brazen, it’s bold and it’s unlike any other dentist practice out there. Bamboo stands out…

In building an ambitious, high-growth potential brand, Bamboo goes loud. Quality is inherent and allied with a brand spirit driven by presenting a cosmetic service that feels accessible by leaning against a zeitgeist of a generation laden with Instagram models and throw away ‘reality celebs’. Bamboo can put a smile on your face, you’ll leave beaming.

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