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Campus is a unique vision to shape a new district for Cardiff. It’s ambition is to place tailored office space as a central pivot of a wider vista; fostering a package that’s enticing to the very best talent looking to live amongst the action and work for forward-facing scale-up stage tech companies.

Building on Cardiff’s strengths as a multi-lingual, multi-cultural world-class capital, Campus aims to play a key part in growing the city as a globally connected destination by developing a district of a blended myriad of high-paced moving parts.

Cardiff can provide an enviable quality of life and a vast untapped talent pool and with that, Campus sets out a plan in which everyone has a stake. Inviting potential investors who both share their vision and see this for the potent, latent opportunity it is, they asked Limegreentangerine to develop a distinctive brand identity.

The Campus brand breaks from category clichés, defining stand out with a bold visual style.

Cardiff Technology District

The identity brings a communal theme to crown a rich, organic visual literature charged with energy, motion, emotion, expression, abstraction, and creativity — an apt anchor point connecting intangible qualities of members and ecosystem. The progressive C icon is a construct of many elemental floor plan footprints, forming a whole. As part of the model, there are no tenants, only members, meaning everyone has a stake in the whole and no one gets left behind.

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An ambitious home for Cardiff’s potential. A place where imagination thrives. 

Shared knowledge, ideas, ambition, and space.

An ambitious new development for Cardiff. Bringing together a community of like-minded scale-up tech innovation companies to create a proposition that goes beyond bricks and mortar. A district that houses a collision of life and industry, helping attract a rich stream of talent. Whilst Cardiff is clearly pivotal, the brand is transcendent and confident, distinct from Member’s own brands, and able to pivot from corporate to playful. 

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