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Dress the imagination

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Dress the imagination


Limegreentangerine have worked with online retailer Character.com to develop their brand strategy and create a warm new visual identity.

Founded in 2011, the site has grown to become the largest independent online retailer of character clothing. Stocking licenced lines starring favourite characters on pyjamas, backpacks and more, adorned with much-loved figures ranging from Peppa Pig to Woody, Spiderman and Elsa and a whole wide world beyond.

Character.com approached Limegreentangerine to develop their brand, shifting focus away from third party outlets they had sold through (including Amazon Marketplace) to solidify their position as the number one licenced clothing destination.


Dressed to play

Children are drawn to their favourite characters because they ignite their imagination; forming a bond, they provide comfort, joy and help to find sense of the world. Similarly, studies have recognised the importance of ‘pretend play’ as crucial developmental behaviour. With is in mind, central to our strategy is the strapline ‘dress the imagination’, tapping into a dual meaning and placing Character.com as lead-takers, trading in more than just clothes, but props to feed little people’s big imaginations.

New identity
Old identity

A world to wear

The primary mark stars a big, amplifying C, illustrated as a planet and highlighting the brand as a character-filled world… a world to wear.

Extending the notion of ‘dressing up the brand’, never static, the C icon can explode into a flexible world of peculiar or tributary characters. The potential library is vast and provides a unique point of fun and imaginative personality – an expansive climate that could become its own merchandised range. Above all, it is a canvas that grants opportunity to allow the logo to react swiftly to adopt the current zeitgeist; be it Marvel, Minions or Monsters…

differing logos
Character MONSTER Rrrraawwr
Character sk8er boi
Character BB8
own brand merchandise
own brand merchandise
own brand merchandise