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ecube Aero

Raise expectations

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Ecube Aero

Raise expectations


Since 2011, eCube Solutions has been a leading name in exceptional quality aviation services, specialising in end-of-life aircraft projects, providing complete solutions that include maintenance, parking, storage, disassembly, and third-party logistics. Boasting a 15%+ market share, from their bases in St Athan (Wales) and Castellón (Spain), they care for assets valued in excess of $250m. Supported by a highly trained and experienced workforce, they have built their name on achieving the fastest and most meticulous delivery of customer-focused services in the aviation end-of-life sector.

With investment secured, ecube came to Limegreentangerine to consolidate their positioning and develop a brand platform from which to build for future sustained growth as the global, first-choice specialist partner.

ecube aero rebrand

The existing logo carries some meaning and emotional connection internally. For these reasons, we sought to evolve it, so its spirit lives on. Through simplifying its form we created a bolder, simpler identity, packed with an upward trajectory, this coupled with a custom wordmark. The new identity, paired with a fresher, more dynamic colour set, has a more solid form and is able to work more effectively at scale.

brand type
brand colours

Photography and video introduce warm tones and hues, along with natural blurs telling a story of people, expertise, detail, craft, and scale. These tones take cues from the natural phenomena only visible by air — the colours when the setting sun and sky hits the earth’s atmosphere. This both bucks industry hackneyed conventions and spins a visceral brand narrative, marrying strong environmental management with product passion.

ecube logo, various applications
ecube logo, various applications

Raise expectations

In discovery, we learned that the market was becoming increasingly saturated, and not only that but by operators who are either at a scale where their processes were entirely inflexible or smaller players who are often guilty of over-promising and under-delivering. Reaching beyond this, ecube’s brand story sought to capture a vision to be first-call players in the market space; ubiquitous, principled, experienced, and with a relentless focus on customer- and solution-centric principles.

The brand driver, therefore, underpinned by the notion raise expectations, serves as the central pivot to culture and approach. Service-driven and leading sector in environmental credentials, ecube are placed as the leader in customer-first, innovative and best-in-outcome focussed principles. It articulates ecube’s why, and connects with customers’ problems whilst throwing the gauntlet down to the competition. This driver forms a proud and bold narrative and articulates, empathetically, a real competitive advantage. Raise expectations shows there are people and purpose behind the logo.

ecube aero brand literature
ecube aero brand literature
ecube aero brand literature
$ m

worth of aviation assets in ecube’s care, worldwide

ecube people
animated icons
animated icons
ecube aero website

A bold departure

Keen to recreate an immersive and contemporary online environment that mirrors ecube’s cultural convictions, the website combines the graphical assets with clear type and warm photography. A sophisticated online journey that projects calibre and excellence. Subtle transitions, animations and sliders are small details that combine to lift ecube as the discernible, forward-facing, aviation partner – a serious, people-first organisation with quality at its core, and unlike anything else in the marketplace.

ecube aero mobile website
After 10 years of the branding at ecube being ‘just the logo’, it was time to give everything a revamp. We’d built up a fantastic reputation in the sector and LGT were briefed to showcase that within our branding, key messaging, and website. We are delighted with the outcome and our new brand driver certainly fits with what you can expect when working with LGT – raise expectations. Danny George-McGowan, Marketing Manager
ecube aero rebrand