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Formerly Maven Wealth, Nugenis Financial Planners offer independent, practical, and forward-thinking financial planning services to a wide range of individual clients, companies, and trustees across South Wales and the South West of England. Having received a legal approach from another firm using the same Maven monocle, the team approached Limegreentangerine for help developing a new name and brand identity.

stories told through data

Before and after

logo before
logo after


The new name was selected after extensive exploration and testing rounds. It’s derived from a breakdown of three notions; Nu ~ from new thinking; gen ~ a modern generation of advisors; and is ~ from lumis (light), reflecting a passion for creating brighter futures through meticulous wealth planning. 

As part of the UK-wide Independent Wealth Planners Group (IWP), the emergence of the Nugenis brand is about more than just a new name or logo. It brings unity and focus to their geographic footprint, while also delivering an enlightening, compassionate, and connected experience that is orchestrated around their clients. A fresh, modern identity evokes the feeling of Nugenis’s positive impact. 

colour palette
brand typography


Underpinned by the brand driver ‘advice for every chapter’, this recognises that as people go through differing chapters of their life — adulthood, first home, family growth, retirement, etc — their objectives, situations, and goals change. At the core of any identity system is the logo; a ubiquitous symbol of two open books and their ‘chapters’.

Numbers tell stories

Providing financial expertise to a range of clients, Nugenis are guided by a mission to help their clients make lasting and substantial improvements to their financial outlook. In doing so, building a business that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. Whereas most high-street IFAs might present clients with dry data through graphs and spreadsheets, the visual language was informed by seeing the bigger picture within. Animated data articulates the notion of a client’s financial journey, through the numbers, towards their financial goals.

LGT understood our aim of wanting to have something that was like no other financial services brand out there and certainly delivered. We enjoyed the collaborative approach they take to projects, and in this case under pressure in a tight timescale.



Data-driven graphics

The website was redesigned to create a more inviting atmosphere for visitors. Employing isometric elements, lightweight typography, and animated SVGs to reflect Nugenis’ refined 2D design style. These enhancements not only add an elevated feel but also allow the content to shine.

Collaborative development

Throughout the development process, we worked closely with the Nugenis team to achieve their primary objective - supporting the growth of Nugenis' clientele and delivering brand education in the digital space. By fostering a collaborative approach, we ensured that the final product aligned perfectly with Nugenis' vision and goals.


Interactive Experience

Subtle interactions added throughout the website provide a layer of tactility. This strategically directs the users’ focus towards important signposts, contributing to a smooth experience.

Unique Navigation

The brand’s visual language extends to engaging navigation that is both familiar and intuitive. These playful touches bring a sense of interaction and personality to the site, helping build a sense of brand clarity against their competitors.

Going mobile

Simple client-side management

Built with open source content management system, Concrete5, the site is highly streamlined and built mobile-first. Easily updated and expanded by the client management team, edits or new content can be added in just a few minutes with the most basic of training.


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