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Traveline Heroes advertising campaign

Traveline Heroes

Harness the power of Traveline Cymru

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Traveline Heroes

Harness the power of Traveline Cymru


Traveline Cymru is the number one supplier of public transport information across Wales. To maintain their lead in this sector, Limegreentangerine devised, developed and launched an advertising campaign for 2013 – Traveline Heroes. The campaign followed a particularly snowy winter during which their live travel updates and an array of services helped minimise travel disruption for countless people across Wales. They had garnered bundles of real-life case studies from users who had raved about the service and wanted to place those people front and centre in a new campaign. They just needed a hook – that's where we came in.

Traveline Heroes leaflet design

The hero within

The bilingual campaign was born from the idea that the TLC services give people greater, more instant and informed powers when planning their journey or commute than ever before via their social media channels, app, website, and text and phone services. As users and ambassadors to the services, they became 'heroes' simply by harnessing the power of Traveline, green cape and all.

The TLC heroes, and by extension their stories, became the focus of the campaign. Photographer Kiran Ridley was commissioned to shoot them at various locations, around Cardiff and Swansea. We conceived, storyboarded and scripted a television advert.

The integrated campaign called for people to tell TLC why they believed they were a Traveline Hero via a microsite or by tagging their tweets or Instagram pictures with #travelineheroes. These drivers were engineered to encourage users to engage in, and give merit to the services that TLC offer and to think about ways in which they use them, rather than simply entering a prize draw.

Traveline heroes advertising cardiff
Traveline heroes advertising photography cardiff
Traveline heroes advertising in cardiff

heroes found

Is it a bird?

Supported by TV, radio, outdoor and online advertising, the Heroes campaign far exceeded initial targets receiving a total of 4,740 hero entries. An impressive increase on their previous 2011 campaign, achieved with less than a third of the budget.

During the 6 month campaign period, Traveline Cymru saw an increase of over 47,000 users across their services compared to the same period the previous year. Additionally, Facebook ‘likes’ increased by over 600 and over on Twitter around 150 new followers were gained.

Finally, the effectiveness of the campaign was measured through an annual awareness survey conducted by an external agent. This is organised each year to help monitor the awareness of the Traveline Cymru brand and to measure the effectiveness of any campaigns.

Measured towards the end of the Traveline Heroes campaign, it demonstrated an increase of 11% in brand awareness. Amongst 16-35-year-olds, a key demographic for the campaign, 19% of those surveyed had seen the Heroes campaign. This measures to a pleasing uplift in awareness of 8% on 2011.

The campaign was about rewarding our customers, and what better way to do it than with green capes! LGT clearly understood from the start what we were trying to achieve, and with their creative flair, produced unique and eye-catching imagery. Throughout the campaign, we received great feedback from our customers about all our advertisements, and with a massive 4,740 respondents, the numbers speak for themselves! Everyone at LGT is always a pleasure to work with, producing consistently high quality and creative work. We are really proud with such a fun campaign! Laura Thomas, Marketing Officer
Traveline heroes large billboard advertising cardiff
Traveline heroes bus shelter advertising cardiff