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Ellers Farm Distillery is a new carbon-neutral, state-of-the-art distillery based in the naturally beautiful setting of the North Yorkshire countryside. The state-of-the-art distillery is one of the top three largest in the UK, capable of producing 2 million bottles per year, and has been built with a sustainable mission at its core. Carbon neutral since day one, with an ambition to be climate positive within three years, Ellers’ commitment to sustainable practices has earned them a Pending B Corp®.

gin design label design
gin design label design

Always in good spirits

Limegreentangerine have designed the brand and packaging for their first eponymous range of gins and gin liqueurs, Y Gin (Y being a synonymous shorthand symbol of Yorkshire). First off the line are a dry, Original gin, and a moreish Sloe gin, with more to be added as locally-sourced ingredients become seasonally available.

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Signature house style

The labels feature Ellers’ bespoke typeface, EFD Headline, developed by Simon Walker of Beasts of England Foundry, an adaptation of his retail typeface, New Forest. Connecting people with place, purpose, and product, the labels tap into an illustrative expression of their unique, naturally rich Yorkshire enclave.

Printed on an ultra-tactile uncoated stock and finished with a flexo matt varnish, gloss tactile silkscreen, and hot foil gold, the labels extend the Ellers Farm destination brand visual, also created by Limegreentangerine.

Cannot get over how beautiful these labels are. We’re in love.


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