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Seasonal flavours from Ellers Farm Distillery

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Seasonal favourites, forgotten classics or simply the liquid genius of Ellers Farm Distillery’s renowned Master Distiller. Produced in small batches of only 500 bottles, each bottle is packed with seasonal flavour and of North Yorkshire character.

Carbon neutral from day one, the foundation of EFD’s story is built on the simple principle of balancing people, planet, and profit. 

Adding to their award-winning line-up is a broad rebrand of their house Small Batch Spirits range.

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Built by hand

In the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside you will find Ellers Farm Distillery. A state-of-the-art distillery is one of the largest in the country, built with a vision to create incredible drinks with a positive impact on people and the planet.

Their journey started with a passion for distilling, an orchard and a love of our planet spurred him to build a distillery on the farm. Already multi-award winning, their vision is for making strikingly good spirits in the most sustainable way.



Grounded in nature

Drawing inspiration from Yorkshire’s enchanting wildlife and history, the new branding celebrates the natural richness of the location and its innovative flavour profiles. With a distillery built into the sweeping landscape of North Yorkshire, just a few miles from York and the historic village of Stamford Bridge. The illustrations arc over the distillery’s distinctive building shape, combining nature, flavour and EFD’s sustainable core, binding across the range.

The story-driven labels star a butterfly, a bird, a fox, and the sun — hidden within fruits and flora — an interwoven tale underpinned by Ellers’ brand driver, Good by Nature.

espresso fox illustration
cherry butterfly illustration
pineapple sun illustration
ellers farm distillery
ellers farm distillery
ellers farm distillery
ellers farm distillery

We wanted to tell the amazing story of our farm and embrace the beauty of the nature and botanicals that surround us here in Yorkshire. The brand allows us to do just that whilst championing sustainability and innovation in a friendly and visually stunning way. The labels create a profound connection to the people, place, product, and purpose that are integral to our distillery’s ethos.


Ellers Farm Distillery

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