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Content Specialist Jessica Ainley joins

We’ve done it yet again. Taking our numbers up to a thriving team of twelve, Jessica joins Team Green as a Content Specialist.

Jessica Ainley, new Content Specialist at LGT

After graduating with a degree in English and Creative Writing from Cardiff Met in 2014, Jess combined her love for the written word with the world of digital. Diving straight into the agency life, Jess became Google Certified and obtained a HND in Digital Marketing by the end of her graduation year. After briefly managing digital marketing for a company in house, Jess came back to her agency roots and joined our team here at Limegreen.

As our Google girl, Jess manages SEO strategies, content strategies, copywriting, social media and online advertising. Luckily she likes to wear lots of hats.

When not at LGT Towers, you’ll find Jess at her local dance studio. Trained in classical ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary dance, and classical opera, Jess can pull out all of the stops whilst under the spotlight.

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