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Two new developers added to Dev Row

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Our two new developers Lee Jones and Danny Ryan take Dev Row’s number up to a princely four.

Lee and Danny join Dev Row

After working in finance and insurance for more years than he can count, the recession was a blessing in disguise for Yorkshire-born Lee. As his next career of choice as a Guitar God did not work out, Lee found joy in the art of web development. Following roles in IT support and development for a major supermarket, we snapped Lee up as a great edition to the dev side of Team Green. Lee is a proud husband and father of two, though it’s become common knowledge that he’s a big kid himself (with a sugar addiction to rival Augustus Gloop’s).

To join Lee, we brought Danny on board. After gaining experience as a freelance web designer/developer, Danny joined us in mid-2015. He is a keen junior web developer who possesses some kind of web wizardry that baffles many. Danny combines a huge passion for web development with an excellent eye for detail. He really loves to code, usually whilst listening to loud music and drinking green tea. In his spare time, he can be found playing Nintendo, watching 80’s movies or looking at pictures of cute dogs on the internet.

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