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Think today, think tomorrow, think beyond

It’s just like living in a movie. Who could have imagined?


Firstly, are you coping OK? The world has changed, reshaped possibly forever. Staring glazed-eyed out the window, time – it feels – has never stood so still. Shock is starting to subside and in its place – tentatively – comes something else. Optimism. It’s seldom been so crucial particularly for the sake of our health, our kids and those we care for. Maybe worse is still to come or maybe we’re getting on top of this thing, right now that’s unknown. In the face of that, it’s natural to turn focus to the positives; previously small acts now grow in significance as milestones ahead… things like the first restaurant we’ll eat at, the first game of 5 a-side we’ll play, the first trip to the park with our kids and their friends, the first cup of tea we’ll share with our nan… (though maybe not in that order) and all those take-for-granted, routine type things.

But as far as LGT is concerned it is absolutely business as usual and what only a short time ago was the ‘new normal’ has just as quickly just become ‘normal’. Kettle on, chin up. The studio is continuing to run remotely, seamlessly working on existing and new projects in partnership with our clients, uninterrupted and with enthusiasm just as we always have. Most aren’t local anyway so the change really is minimal, at least in that regard.

We work with many clients on short and longer-term branding projects, web strategy and implementation activities, and our advice is to protect not raid your marketing budgets so you are well placed for a speedy recovery on the other side. You may not be actively selling but now is the time to be present, be informed, be light-footed and to be focussed on strengthening your brand whilst your competitors are either hiding under their duvet or worse still, making their own moves.

Don’t stand still whilst events swirl all around, shake off the safe temptation of tunnel vision (and Netflix) and do the things now that will make a difference in just a few short weeks. The good news stories will soon sprout so cherish the now and get set for the next. LGT can help, as your extended interim team or on a project-based model to assist in easing the load. We offer experience, fresh perspective and additional resources for new or advancing projects. Finally, if you’re an essential community service, please reach out and let us know if we can help in any other way.

These are challenging times for each and every one of us. Our love and warm wishes are heading your way. Stay safe, stay sane, be sensible.