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Since 2011, Copper Horse have specialised in mobile and IoT security, and engineering solutions throughout product lifecycle to product security investigations. Offering security training backed by a huge range of consulting expertise in mobile telecoms and connected products security, Copper Horse are renowned globally as a leading-edge voice in the sector.

Providing software and security expertise to a range of customers across the mobile phone industry, they have worked on a variety highly sensitive projects ranging from establishing incident handling processes for regulators, to creating anti-fraud solutions. They have also led extensive research and made recommendations for small cells security to clients including the UK Police Force.  

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IoT security recommendations and standards continue to move forward at pace and Copper Horse are seen as standard bearers on the global stage.


Setting the standards

Copper Horse’s CEO David Rogers MBE, is at the forefront of the cyber security field and has contributed to the UK Government’s proposals for regulating the cyber security of smart products. He and his team, therefore literally, set the standards, and it was this that provided our brand driver.

Before and after

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Creating an icon

With their HQ in the historic town of Windsor, Copper Horse are named after an equestrian statue of George III, a bronze statue that stands on a stone plinth that sits in Windsor Great Park, on the tree-lined avenue that leads directly from Windsor Castle. As copper oxide reacts with carbon dioxide and water in the air it coats the surface with a blue-green patina colour, which provides the base for our key palette.

With their previous logo being a literal rendering of the statue, our solution merges the C of Copper into a simpler head of the horse, flipping him to face forward allowing it to rendered perfectly at sizes of only a few pixels, and could become a single, recognisable shorthand for excellence in-line with other IoT standards including WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.



Visual texture

Steganography is a method of concealing information within something to avoid detection. It can be used to hide virtually any type of digital content, including text, image, video, or audio content. That hidden data is then extracted at its destination. This, expression formed a cool and appropriate visual texture to the Copper Horse brand.

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